One of the most popular daytime shows in America will have a familiar face returning this fall: Whoopi Goldberg.

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Entering her eleventh season on the show, Goldberg, the show’s moderator and pundit will grace the ABC stage in the show’s twenty-one year run on the network.

Goldberg’s return is huge for the network because of it’s focus on pop culture and politics. The comedian has been very outspoken about current U.S. President Donald J. Trump.


In Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson’s column, the sports and entertainment journalist discussed the significance of Goldberg’s return to ABC this fall, stating:

“ ‘The View’ gained a spike in ratings over the past year with the show’s discussion about race, the 2016 Presidential election between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump. The show’s daily dialogue also focuses deeply on current U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration.”

When reached via email earlier today to clarify that further Scoop B said of Goldberg: “Who better than to drive cubicle internet traffic and Starbucks television eyes on ‘The View’ than Whoopi? To quote Sister Mary Clarence, the role that Whoopi played in the film, Sister Act 2: ‘You better wake up and pay attention!”

Whoopi Goldberg replaced long-time View creator, Barbara Walters who retired from the show in 2014.