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Cole World, Ain’t Nothing Sunny……

During J. Cole’s most recent tour stop in Baltimore he made some very valid points on why Colin Kaepernick should be signed and the disappointment he had over the fact that the Baltimore Ravens passed on the young QB. He speaks on the treatment the QB received in the process of evaluation. The Baltimore police have also been planting drugs that have put young people in jail. Cole explained that he feels the Ravens passing on the young QB is a much bigger problem for the NFL and the city of Baltimore. Stating that Colin could help change the city and bring people together as he is sacrificing himself to stand for much larger issues than football.

Cole continues his support of Colin Kaepernick. Last year, he wore a Kaepernick jersey on stage and was just recently spotted with Kap’s girlfriend and himself on instagram. He took time to ask the crowd to stop continuing to support the team after the move in which they ‘boo’d very loudly.

Check out the tweeted video below.