Reggae and dancehall artist turned gospel singjay Mr. Vegas  – has released a new music video that reminds fans why he’s earned his place as a top tier talent. The visuals for that accompany the high energy song revitalize the idea that his music is something fun to move to while also reaffirming dedication to his new found faith. The pop like vibe turns the somewhat slickly placed conservative lyrics into something catchy with a beat without giving an overwhelming bearing on his life as a performance artist after converting to Christianity; it’s more about focusing on the love of self and community.

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The Jamaican born artist is walking proof that spirituality has its place in the musical culture of island music, something he has long received recognition for cherishing. After all, he is an experienced performer with over two decades of success and fame under his belt. Of late, many music lovers – specifically reggae, recall his studio made in dedication to the 50th year anniversary of the country itself; serving up a remix of heavy hitters for “The Voices of Sweet Jamaica” sold as a benefit to charity in Kingston.