DMX has avoided jail time and has instead been placed under house arrest in the wake of a handful of violations.

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TMZ reports that X reportedly showed up 30  minutes lates to his bail bond hearing in New York following his indictment on tax evasion charges.

The stipulations of the rapper’s bail included the prohibition of drugs and staying in the state unless he obtained explicit permission from the court.


DMX, however, managed to fail four drug tests, testing positive for both marijuana and cocaine and also flew to St. Louis to take care of “family matters” as reported by the outlet.

While these encroachments could have given the judge more than enough grounds to put DMX behind bars, the rapper was instead greeted with benevolence by being placed on a very strict house arrest that TMZ says restricts X from even stepping outside to mow his own lawn.

It was back in July that the New York-reared emcee, born Earl Simmons, was arrested for allegedly owing the IRS over $1 million in back taxes, pleading not guilty to 14 counts.