What seemed to be a poppin’, high-class pool party at Wiz Khalifa’s mansion, actually turned out to be an opportunity for some unexpected thieves to come out and play. The star-studded music video stars Wiz himself and also Ty Dolla $ign who comes through with his smooth vocals on the hook. Throughout the video, you may see many familiar faces, such as Jamie Foxx and Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, Chuck Liddell and plenty more.

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Little did Wiz and Ty Dolla $ign know, the beautiful ladies who attended the party turned out to be experienced schemers. The team carried out the plan to split up and distract Wiz while others went into the closet to steal stacks and stacks of stash. Jamie Foxx also gets pickpocketed by one of the ladies and gets his phone snatched. Wiz is oblivious until the end, where the ladies reveal their scheme right before riding away with their new riches.

Although the storyline of the video is unfortunate for the players involved, it surely makes for an entertaining visual. Khalifa has an extremely impressive track record in terms of music videos, and the visual for his smash hit “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth even held the record for most-watched video on YouTube for a few weeks this year. Watch the “Something New” visual below!