BIG3 Press Conference keeps us in the loop..

The BIG3 held their weekly phone press conference on Wednesday (August 16th) that featured president and commissioner Roger Mason, co-founder Ice Cube, co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz and CEO Amy Trask. Ice Cube started off the press conference thanking each and everyone who supported the BIG3 for the whole season including everyone who attended the last and final game in LA at Staples Center. Notable celebrities who were in attendance included Chris Brown, Martin Lawrence, Lamar Odom, Jessie Williams, Jeanie Buss, Dwyane Wade, Chad Johnson, Jessie Williams, Oscar De La Hoya and many more. Not to mention Cube was also able to knock off Lavar Ball in a 4-point challenge that would’ve resulted in him buying a pair of Big Baller Brand Sneakers.

We got a chance to ask Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz a pair of questions about the BIG3 and Colin Kaepernick and his ongoing issues in the NFL.

How do you guys feel about Colin Kaepernick and the situation in the NFL at the moment?


Ice Cube: Me personally, I think he’s good enough to have a job, I don’t think he’s a starter in the league but he’s definitely good enough to have a backup and I think he’s not getting picked cause teams maybe look at him as a distraction is not worth the production. And, so that’s what I think the situation really is. Other than that, it’s just, would be popping off about it. But, they have a league and when you have a league, they have the discretion of who they want in and out, I think it’s not cool but to me that’s the way it goes. I don’t know what the public can do to make an owner take a guy no matter what. To me it’s still up to the owners to make that decision if they want him or not, so I don’t know what he can do besides be himself to land that job so I just think he’s stuck, to be honest. What do you do? Not just him, if anybody wants to play and nobody want to pick you. What do you do? We have that in our league in a certain way. Some guys want to play but there’s our player captains, co-captains and coaches don’t want to pick them, they can’t play.

Jeff Kwatinetz: We’ve have had a few instances with guys who kept themselves in shape and you know made it known they still wanted to play and came back around and they were able to add in. You know, I personally think we’re going through such a tough time in this country with loud voices screaming at other loud voices and people not listening to each other and you know it’s a scary time to me. And it’s scary to think that someone you know who by all accounts is an incredibly talented athlete but he’s a starter or deserves to be on a roster, you’re talking of the elite of the elite and you know for someone to have trouble with his chosen career because of how he non-violently expressed his political views is very scary to me and something that I am ashamed of. Having said that, you know a lot of these guys it’s not a league decision, if it was it would be disgusting and deplorable but I do believe what Cube is saying what part of taking any player is what would that player do for your team and part of that is you know, if someone is a distraction how does that affect all the other guys on the roster, and your ability to win.  So you know it’s unfortunate but that is something that goes into the calculator. So, I don’t think it’s being made on political views, I think it’s being made on football but it is scary given the times that we are in.

 What would be our ultimate BIG3 Team? Current or former players of the NBA?

Ice Cube: Give me Magic, give me Kareem, give me Kobe. Might be a little big, but I think we can take anybody.

The BIG3 Championship will take place (August 26th) in Las Vegas and will broadcast Live on FOX.