LX Xander is one of the most talented producers hailing from the United Kingdom right now. He’s a “spooky producer” and creates dark, edgy and unique sounds that stand out above the crowd. LX Xander has a some feature songs with industry titans such as Hopsin, Royce da 5’9″, Future and Wiz Khalifa. More high-profile collaborations will come his way as his stock continues to rise.

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LX Xander is from the U.K., but fans always notice that his music style has more of an American and Canadian vibe, although highly original in it’s own right. In an interview with Hype Magazine, he said some of his musical influences are Prince, Michael Jackson, Taking Back Sunday, and Justin Timberlake. This explains why his music is so diverse.

LX Xander produces songs for several buzzing artists who he really clicks with. That’s how that dark musical magic is made. These artists include HighRise, Yaydo, and Hyde.


LX Xander’s music is released through Red Label Records because the necessary creative energy is present. LX Xander gets major placements from Red Label Records and he takes them very seriously. He deals directly with D. Lynch at Red Label Records (who just released a track featuring Snoop Dogg).

“LX Xander is far more than a beatmaker; He is a music producer in every sense of the word, and is very skilled at what he does,” Red Label Records’ D. Lynch tells The Source.

“He has an incredible way of capturing an artist’s essence – each track sounds like it could have easily fit on any of their prior projects, but with a signature and unmistakable LX twist.”