It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Chicago-reared Saba on the solo tip.

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We’re happy to report that the drought is over as he returns with his latest single “There You Go.”

Co-produced by Oakland’s own Daoud and Saba himself, “There You Go” is treated to a backdrop draped in jazz influences, making for a smooth and minimal beat that the rapper contrasts with an aggresive and rapid delivery.


The last we heard from the 23-year old came at the end of 2016 with his Bucket List release and a subsequent North American headlining tour last spring.

Saba’s recent musical silence arrived in tandem with the tragic murder of his cousin and fellow PIVOT artist DinnerWithJohn, born John Walt, back in February of this year.

His next move will be to hold a ‘John Walt Day’ benefit concert on November 25th and launch the John Walt Foundation with the objective of providing opportunities for young artists in Chicago.

Stream “There You Go” below