Many people in mainstream may get New Jersey lyricist Barry Bondz confused with retired Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds for their names sharing the same phonetic sound.

But let’s be clear: both Bonds and Bondz have one thing in common: they’ve both put up hits in their careers.

In the case of Barry Bondz, he’s picked up steam in the last few years. His music has premiered in VIBE, The Source, CBS Sports Radio and RESPECT Magazine,

Bondz released three studio albums: “Psalms 27” (2016) “The Genco” (2015) and “Glory” (2014).

An indie artist operating as a major force, Bondz took his catalogue a step further. His “The Genco 2” will arrive to all digital retailers on Friday.

In anticipation of Bondz’s album, he released Check Down. According to Bondz, ‘Check Down’ symbolizes him moving through life the way Tom Brady or Peyton Manning moved down the football field.

For those unfamiliar, in American football, a checkdown pass is when the quarterback attempts to complete a short, accurate pass to a running back or tight end as a last option when the wide receivers are covered. The term means that the quarterback has “checked down” his list of receivers. “In my world, my list of receivers would be life obstacles,” Barry Bondz tells Mass Appeal.

“What’s open and what’s not?”

Check Down was produced Slimstrumentalz. Secret Society Motion Pictures’ Nimi Hendrix produced the video.

Lyrically, the song has substance. Bondz breaks down his rise and his lessons along the way:

Been on the move since high school/getting that “money” put that on Bible/worry bout nothing though even my rivals/master of everything, even survival/I am the DON ain’t no leaving this title

Worth noting, Bondz has not only been recording music for his album, he’s also been busy behind the scenes writing and producing jingles for popular radio shows like Scoop B Radio. Scoop B Radio, a sports and entertainment podcast, hosted by Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, recently celebrated it’s 1 Millionth listen for the year in July 2017. The podcast has had any and everyone from tennis legend Pete Sampras, civil rights attorney Gloria Allred and NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson as guests.

Bondz’s theme song has been on episodes of Scoop B Radio, whose contents have been sprawled on ESPN’s ‘The Jump,’ Forbes Magazine, XXL, Billboard, COMPLEX, Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated , Fox Sports and more.

Bondz is pleased with where he is in his own career and knows he has more work to do; hence why the term ‘check down’ is so significant. “For me, the Check Down also means being verified in this world that we live in,” he said. “It’s similar to the verification check you get on social media that so many people yearn for.”

Fortunately for Bondz he’s verified on all of those social media platforms. Make sure to follow Barry Bondz on these social media platforms:




Make sure to also check out Barry Bondz’s “High,” the first single from “The Genco 2.” It premiered on VEVO’s front page. For anything Barry Bondz make sure to visit: