A.I. says King James will be the NBA MVP for the upcoming season…

The most valuable player award is always one of the biggest awards and most prestigious for NBA players to help celebrate their terrific statistics of the regular season and being a former NBA MVP of the NBA, Allen Iverson is picking LeBron James to hold the trophy at the end of the upcoming season.

He was asked to give his prediction of the NBA MVP during the BIG3 playoffs by ball don’t stop blog and he gave it to the “Chosen One,” LeBron James.

“LeBron always at the forefront,” Iverson proclaimed

It was already a poll done by ESPN, that has given this year’s winner, Russell Westbrook the leading nod along with Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard for early favorites of next year, are you feeling the predictions? LBJ has won four MVP awards in his long NBA career but hasn’t clutched an MVP since 2013. Although, he always remains at the top of his game every season, even without winning the NBA championship.

This NBA season will be exciting for sure and with all the off-season trades that have took place we should expect to see a more competitive vary of teams.