Upcoming artist and songwriter Dyson Alexander is rising out of Northern Virginia bringing a new refreshing sound. With a style and swag of his own, the young heartthrob is currently promoting his cuffing season anthem, “Tap My Phone” off his first official EP. The video shows Dyson on a rooftop spittin’ realness directed towards a girl of his interest who he wants to see more of. This up-tempo catchy record with hook: “all you gotta do is tap my phone-yeah!/I don’t want you to feel alone-yeah!” sure to be an official banger, viewers tune in to the full video above!

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Read more below about what he’s been up to with his music, who inspires him, and what sets him apart from the rest!


Q: Describe your sound & style?

A: “My sound, it can’t be compared to nobody else. It’s different, just the way I come with the flows. I just try to stay as versatile as possible.”

Q: How do you feel about your accomplishments so far as an artist?

A: “I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot for at least a young artist my age. Almost everything I’ve dropped has hit radio.”

Q: What prominent or upcoming artist would you say inspire you?

A: Chris Brown, PNB Rock, Ty Dolla $, Trey Songz, they’re just great and I think it’s dope how PNB Rock flows, and Ty Dolla $ just makes classics, Chris Brown music is timeless, same with Trey Songz.”

Q: What do you hope your fans learn or take from your music?

A: “Have fun foreal, love the females, and be drama free.”


Q: What would you say sets you apart from the many others in this rap game?

A: “Nobody look like me when I walk by, I gotta that superstar feel. And my sound I don’t sound like nobody. I make my type of music. I make music specifically for the females, I’m not in all that other sh*t people into. I just stay in my own lane.”