DJ Clue has worked with any and everyone from Mariah Carey, to Jay-Z, to the Notorious B.I.G, Fabolous, Puff Daddy and Future.

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Producing, djing and putting together classic mixtapes like his Professional 1, Professional 2 and Professional 3 mixtapes and the classic Backstage Mixtape.

These days the Power 105 DJ has a few tricks up his sleeves: his DJ Clue App, his forthcoming documentary and his no-tie shoelaces that he has called Clue Lace.


As for for DJ Clue’s shoelaces, he and his business partner, Randy Parker (who goes by the stage name DJ ESSO) formed Clue Lace.

Appearing on an episode of Scoop B Radio that aired at Power 105 last week, DJ Clue broke it down. “It is definitely the first no-tie shoelace,” DJ Clue told Scoop B Radio’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

There are about 12 varieties of Clue Lace’s available.“If you have kids out there, you know how strenuous it is when you get yelled at to tie your shoelaces,” said DJ Clue. “You don’t got to do that! These are the no-tie shoelace. They are flexible, they are dope. They are good for kids in sports. You don’t want to stop the game from the moment on the court because their shoelaces are untied, or trip over them. You can set them one time and it will never go loose. They look stylish too.”

DJ Clue also has a forthcoming documentary. He chatted with Scoop B Radio about it:

“It is going to take you into different phases of my career,” he said. “The start, obviously you have to go into Queens and check out mom’s crib and the place it all started at. Different times when I was producing with different people, my different travel, of course. It is going to have my trials and tribulations and that kind of stuff. It is like any story. You have to make sure you focus on the good and the bad and all the positives and all the negatives. We want to have it well-rounded so that people can really understand the story and know where the grind came from.”

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