Lil Yachty made his debut in the rap game in 2015 with his EP, Summer Songs. His mixtape Lil Boat was released last year and received generally positive reviews. Yachty became a household name after his feature on D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli”, which rose to number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and received a nod at the 2017 Grammys for Best Rap Collaboration.

Yachty released his debut album Teenage Emotions ahead of the Summer, which expressed a youthful vibe and further proved why he is the self-proclaimed King of the Teens. Although Yachty is no longer a teenager, we’re going to explore 6 moments where Yachty has proven he’s the King of the Teens for his birthday!

  1. As previously mentioned, his debut album Teenage Emotions was centered around the mind of a child star who has rose to stardom during the times of modern rap. Everything about the album is for the empowerment of the youth, down to the cover art. The album cover features a variety of teenagers who would be considered an outcast in society.

2. Lil Boat unveils his plans to pay a few lucky student’s college tuition and to take families back to school shopping through his #SailingScholars program.

3. Then it’s that one time he invited fans backstage after a performance to eat pizza and play UNO.

4. He put his whole crew on — a dynamic group of young producers and MCs — called the Sailing Team. His selection clearly proves that the youth are sailing the ship. There’s not a wrinkle or grey hair in sight.

" Meet The Sailing Team " Compilation Mixtape Coming Soon. Learn The Faces, This Is Our Year.

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5. Can’t forget about the time last year where Yachty had to remind Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex that although Flex classified him as a “mumble rapper”, he’s a 19-year-old mumble rapper who is providing for his family, left a stamp in pop culture, and is worthy of enough for a Sprite endorsement.

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6. In this moment, Yachty was an unapologetic, careless teenager. Joe Budden was trying to drop gems on the seriousness of the rap business, but Yachty is here for a good time only.