Over Summer ‘17, Mack Wilds blessed us with a new full length project titled AfterHours that showcased the multi talented artist in a way in which we’ve never seen.

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While he did drop  a project back in 2013 that earned him a Grammy-nod, this new project showcases Mack’s all around artistry, as he recently just dropped not one, but two visuals off of the project that he directed (along with Charles Todd).

The two tracks, “Explore” (the first single from the project) and “Bonnie & Clyde” (which features Wale), tell the tale of a lover who wants to explore outside of her relationship, and later is faced with the emotional consequences.


With the two visuals going hand in hand, the works can be described as a short film, with Mack successfully tying both tracks together into one story.

These aren’t the first beautifully crafted visuals to come from Mack. Over the summer, he and his collective, The Ninety Five Percent, have been dropped a series of shorts on Tidal called “After Hour” that have been well received by fans and critics.

Get into the two visuals for his singles below, and stay tuned for what is sure to be more sensual, jaw dropping songs and tales from Mack.