Music lovers, connoisseurs and anyone with an open-mind to be convinced: it is imperative that you delight yourself in the soulful, rhythmic tracks gifted to you on Freudian by Daniel Caeser.

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Comprised of 10 tracks, with each song’s end perfectly transitioning into another’s beginning, Caeser combines art with heartfelt, storytelling content to make for an impressive debut album.

The melodies are sure to penetrate the imagination of any listener, as each embodies the very component many of us love music for – the ability to be momentarily in a state other than present reality, to be moved and to share relative feelings.


Freudian features complimentary artists Syd, Charlotte Day Wilson and Kali Uchis; the latter of whom appears on Caeser’s breakout song “Get You”.

You can take a listen to the album now on Apple Music and iTunes.