Turning near fatal tragedy into inspiring triumph, Compton, California recording artist/activist OG Cuicide continues to add new volumes to redemption story with the release of his latest single, “Get Paid” off his forthcoming new album.

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“Get Paid” features Freddie Bubbs and is a motivational piece that delivers a refreshing vintage West Coast sound that showcases OG Cuicide’s power of positivity as he speaks on financial freedom, buying back the block, and hustling to not only put money in your pockets but create opportunities for others as well in the community. A tune for the real businessmen and money makers out there that the youth can educate themselves too. Catchy, thought-provoking, and wise, “Get Paid” is a great start up for the anticipation of the next project from the OG.

Along with a new album on the way, the new track is also in-support of OG’s upcoming documentary, titled, Raised in Compton, currently in development.