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Well. as there new album title says, “Nothing Is Quick In The Desert”.

And after over three decades of making music together under the Public Enemy cross hairs emblem, no one saw the legacy of PE take these types of twists and turns. Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, has files a lawsuit against Charles Ridenhour aka Chuck D. for breach of a longstanding profit-sharing agreement, with Flav claiming to have co-wrote a majority of Public Enemy’s songs.

Flavor Flav claims in his lawsuit that he has been underpaid for his work on PE’s latest album as well as money for music, live concert performances and merchandise. He also claims to have not received any royalties from the Public Enemy’s action figures, with Flav’s doll being the highest in retail sales.

Let’s hope for the sake of Hip Hop that one of the greatest groups of all time can resolve this internal issue.