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The Big Baller Brand is ready to have a dominating force in hoops in the pro settings and now in high school sports.

After Jay-Z decided to support the upstart brand by purchasing 3 pairs of sneakers, the franchise being run by LaVar known as Big Baller Brand is ready to become an trendsetter in amaetur sports. With his older becoming one of the favorites to win NBA Rookie Of The Year, LaMelo Ball is on the prowl to show the basketball world why he is the next superstar to out of California. By becoming the next superstar, you must have a signature brand in young Melo can confidently admit. Earlier today, BBB released a trailer debuting the Melo Ball 1 line, becoming the first high school athlete to have his own athletic shoe.


The video was released by legendary hoops magazine known as SLAM. In the video which features Lonzo spitting some bars, LaMelo breaks it down to the viewers that he’s ready to change history and change the way the game of basketball should be looked at.

History is dependent on the new generation to write the next chapter. And that time is now.

You can see LaMelo is very swaggerific with the presentation as it shows him and his brother getting into foreign vehicles towards the end of the trailer. If you are interested in purchasing the sneakers, make sure you have some doe saved up as it will cost you $395 to cop and sport them. Talk about BALL-ing on a budget.