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The favorite color of the late and great Prince recently has been in the news lately, as one of his siblings, Tyka Nelson, was published exclaiming despite being associated with the color purple, his favorite color was actually orange.

However, Sharon Nelson, Prince’s other sister released a statement on Thursday to set the record straight that PURPLE was IN FACT Prince’s color of choice.

“Contrary to what has been said, purple was and is Prince’s color” commented Sharon to The Associated Press.


For a legend dubbed “The Purple One” and the genius behind the song, soundtrack and film “Purple Rain” as well as an icon and symbol of purple, many took it as a surprise that someone would assert he had another favorite color.

“[Prince] was fond of many colors in the rainbow, he especially loved the color purple because it represented royalty” his sister, Sharon Nelson said. “The color purple always made him feel Princely.”

His affinity for purple has so much prominence over pop culture that the “Purple Rain” hue created by Pantone Color Institute pays homage to the great Prince by naming it “Love Symbol #2”, which pays tribute to the symbol used while he was “The Artist Formerly Knows As Prince” in a 1993 battle with Warner Bros Records over ownership of some of his greatest hits.

Prince’s six siblings which includes Tyka Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson were confirmed by a judge earlier this year to be his rightful heirs.  They await to take over the estate administration duties of the Purple One’s affairs when determined by the Carver County, District Court in Minnesota.