Hurricane Harvey is reported to have produced a total of 19 trillion gallons of rain in Houston. Water rose as high as six feet tall. Such treacherous conditions left families stranded in their homes with little to no escape. Power lines went down leaving Houston residents with no phone battery to call out and resorting to standing on the roofs of their homes in hopes of being seen in order to be rescued.

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As of yesterday [August 30], Harvey moved 45 minutes north of Houston to the Beaumont and Port Arthur area in which it’s affects were far more worse than what was experienced in Houston. Just as practiced in Houston, social media played a major role in many of the rescues that took place. Users took to social media to post names, addresses, and the number of people that needed to be rescued in hopes of receiving aid for their family and friends who found themselves in unfortunate situations due to the rapid flooding.

Amongst those people was Bun B’s wife, Queenie, who shared with Instagram that Pimp C’s son, Chad Butler Jr., was stuck at his grandmother’s house in six feet of water with his wife and a neighbor. In Queenie’s caption she provided updated news on Chad’s whereabouts but added that all archives of UGK that were left were now gone. The post has since been deleted by Queenie but was reposted by Pimp C’s wife, Chinara Butler. Pimp C and Bun B are both from Port Arthur, TX so it’s assumed that all archives were being saved in Pimp C’s mothers house in which had been flooded.


Despite the tangible archives being ruined, UGK and the culture of southern music it created will live forever. In fact, Bun B is still doing his part in the community as he just announced the Hurricane Harvey Celebrity Telethon he will be hosting to help Harvey victims, as well as rebuild Houston.

Check out Chinara’s Instagram post below.