Being such a pivotal fixture in the city of Houston, Mr. Brad Jordan aka Scarface has a lot to say about the way the Hurricane Harvey relief is reaching the hood.

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“In Houston, we going to look out for our own. It’s amazing how the locals are taking care of each other.”

While the Geto Boys front man adamantly appreciates the million dollar donations from celebrities like J.J. Wyatt, who raised $12 million in hurricane relief, Face didn’t bite his tongue on several charitable organizations that he feels that isn’t doing anything for the low-income communities hit by Harvey.


“My concern is that you donate all this money to these organizations and they don’t kick the hood in. That’s cool that you raised five or six million dollars, J.J. Wyatt..I love that. It’s a beautiful thing, but if you donate it to Meyerland’s relief or River Oaks relief or Memorial relief, then you just threw it away. Those people got hella money there. I don’t think they need no more. I’m sure they had insurance. Now, for the people that lost everything, people in the hood that’s flooded, the lower-income communities, those are the people that need it most.”

Face remained in the city during the storm and being that he resides on the outskirts of Houston, he was fortunately not as affected as most Houstoners.