Kevin Gates was incarcerated last October for assaulting a woman at one of his concerts. He was supposed to only serve six months behind bars; however, on the day of his expected release, authorities discovered he had an outstanding warrant in Illinois for felony gun possession. Kevin was then re-arrested and sentenced to 30 more months in prison. According to Illinois Department of Corrections data, his projected parole date is June 22, 2018.

Since his imprisonment in 2016, Kevin Gates has released two tracks from behind bars: “No Love” and “What If”. Now he delivers the official video for the song, as well as a handwritten message. The letter is displayed at the end of the Walu-directed visual and encourages fans to remain hopeful.

The imagery in the “What If” video highlights common struggles within many inner-city neighborhoods. It also includes strong parallels to Kevin’s own story, as it shows an inmate writing and praying in a prison cell before cutting to three children somberly waiting for their mother to come home.

You can watch the full video below.