Pretty much universally loathed and consistently hated on pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli has put the “one of a kind” Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin on eBay. The album is currently going for $200,100 USD with 211 bids which is a stark difference from the original $2 million USD price tag.

Half of the sales earnings will be donated to medical research, Shkreli explains that he doesn’t need to sell the album for the proceeds since he has “record amounts of cash on hand”. The auction ends September 15 with a disclaimer stating that the sale might be canceled at any time or may even be destroyed in a fit of rage. The reason for the album’s sale is to see if the world values music as much as he admittedly does.
The relationship between Shkreli and the Wu-Tang clan is one of extreme animosity with Ghostface Killah calling the millionaire a “shithead”. Shkreli responded to this statement by threatening to erase Ghostface’s verses on the album. Peep the listing here.

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