Calvin Klein has been completely revamped under the helm of the capable Raf Simons and its new Spring/Summer ’18 collection has been unveiled. Painted coats, satin western shirts and Andy Warhol collaborative denim jackets are the crux of what this season has to offer. His second effort at creating a Calvin Klein collection rife with American vibes and bold colors went down at the offices on 205w39 NYC which is also the name of the label.

Cowboy boots and denim were a staple of the newest Calvin collection, with an added flare designated by a host of Andy Warhol graphic designs plastered over the garments. Raf Simons associate and bonafide artist Sterling Ruby created an art installation that hung above the models and attendees heads during the show. Overall, the latest from Raf Simons and Calvin Klein was a hodgepodge of pure artwork. Peep the gallery below for a few standout looks from the runway.

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