Legendary Boston emcee Edo.G in the below video clip goes into detail on how he met GURU (RIP) of Gang Starr in 1985, then known as MC Keithy E. Despite Edo.G being almost 4 years junior to GURU, he had a combined single “Monsters” out with his Fresh To Impress (FTI) Crew and the further track “Suzi Q” on the 1986 Boston Goes Def! compilation album before GURU had a recording credit to his name.

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GURU as Gang Starr released the 12-inches on Wild Pitch Records in Boston “The Lesson” (the first Wild Pitch Records release) and “Believe Dat!” in 1987 with his original DJ, DJ Mike Dee (aka DJ 1 2 B Down) and then the 12” “Movin’ On” the year after. Much of Gang Starr’s pre-DJ Premier work would benefit from some of the earliest production credits from The 45 King, who would later go on to work with the likes of JAY-Z, Eminem, Ghostface Killah, Rakim, MC Lyte, Common, Queen Latifah amongst many others.

Edo.G goes on to detail how Guru later moved to New York City and teamed up with DJ Premier. They decided to continue the Gang Starr name and dropped shortly thereafter the first classic album release on Wild Pitch Records in No More Mr. Nice Guy in 1989 and as Edo.G says, the rest is history.