The latest addition to MF DOOM‘s legendary resume is called “Notebook 05”. It is part of his 15-week series of new tracks, The Missing Notebook Rhymes. He opens the Adult Swim song with a verse “I sell them bums a scrap verse that’s so-so nice/You get what you pays for, raps for the low low price”.

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Back in early August, Adult Swim announced DOOM would be dropping a new song every week for 15 straight weeks. It started with a Sean Price collab, and other songs, like a new KMD record with Jay Electronica,followed by a Kool Keith collab.
Senior Vice President over at Adult Swim, Jason DeMarco explained how some of the songs are from ongoing projects the villain is working on. If that’s true, then hopefully we’ll see DOOM’s first solo album since 2009’s Born Like This soon?

Either way, take in the song via Adult Swim Website.