Producers Manny Halley, Yolanda Halley, and acclaimed urban author Teri Woods made history in the film industry this week: This is the first time in the entertainment industry, that an independent film based off of a bestselling urban street novel has hit theaters across the globe, along with making 550K in ticket sales the first week without a huge promotional budget.

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The True To The Game movie was written by Nia Hill and directed by Preston A. Whitmore. Columbus Short, Erica Peeples, Vivica A. Fox, Andra Fuller, Draya Michele, Nelsan Ellis, Jennifer Freeman, and Malcolm D. Kelley were the starring cast in this motion picture.

Teri Woods let her fans know years ago that she would be turning her cult classic novels such as True To The Game and Dutch into films. Manny Halley, CEO of Imani Motion Pictures, joined her on this mission and made it into a reality. The True To The Game movie received great reviews and has given new actors Erica Peeples, Iyana Halley and Lorenzo Eduardo an opportunity to showcase their talent.


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