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Born in 1991 to Cameroon native parents, Victor Njomo was brought up in a world full of musical inclination. Going by the name of “KrownVic,” he has begun to make an impact within the music and business empires by creating his own business group, “Firm Plague.” Currently residing in Virginia, KrownVic is making his mark as an up-and-coming hip-hop artist in the DMV.

KrownVic’s main priority at this time is to compile his art together into a mix tape in order to share his work with people that can help him get to the next step. KrownVic’s main purpose for creating his music is to make an undeniable impact on the musical world. His greatest desire is to make an impact that could surpass the greatness of even Michael Jackson. He aspires to use his music as a way to help inspire the youth around his area and create opportunities for them to succeed.

KrownVic’s music derives mainly from the struggles that he has had to overcome within his life. His music is his sanity and the expression of his thoughts through art. He is currently working on his mixtape, but when asked when it would be released he replied, “When God says its time.” There can be no rush on perfection and that is what KrownVic strives for. His main inspirations are his family and the people that his music can have the greatest influence on.


​KrownVic’s only aspiration is to become one of the greatest artists in music history. If his success continues, there is no doubt that his name will live in infamy. Check out his full interview below and latest video, “KROWN Regular” above!

Q: What inspires your music?

A: Knowing that I speak for a demographic that are voiceless.. pushes me to keep cranking.. Also I pull inspiration from everything I’ve been thru like losing my pops and all my struggles as well.. The situations of people around me and movies.. oh and other artist inspire me, hearing good music makes me wanna hit the studio

Q: What are major accomplishments thus far in 2017 with your music?

A: Having the legend Dj LES tell me he was proud of the work I’ve been doing.. Working with Hi-Def Razjah and Lex Luger on a project.. Releasing my first project “Maniac Layout” then Going on the “At your neck” tour with joey fattz, d savage and eddy baker.. Also being on tour wit lil pump in Florida.. seeing slight revenue from the music which feels good, it lets me know that my decision to stop acquiring illegal tender (hustling) wasn’t a bad one.

Q: What should fans and viewers expect from you in 2018?

A: My new project that I’m dropping after New Years.. No name for t yet.. More visual content
And epic collabs with some of the hottest artist in the game..

Q: What prominent individuals in entertainment could you see a great collab with?

A: Future, drake, Erykah badu, Pharrell, whole 808 mafia, metro boomin, Dave east, wiz kid, shatta wale, beyonce, Adele, Rihanna, frank ocean, asap rocky, Tyler the creator, Dr. Dre, 6lack, Travis scott, Kanye, Childish Gambino, Young thug, sha.. and the list goes on..

Q: What advice could you give to your fans inspired by your journey?

A: Never bash the industry you want to be apart of.. Embrace the good and the bad.. No need to be sad.. Take risks cause what doesn’t kill you makes you stranger..
But play chess not checkers.. Understand hard work trumps everything, especially when you do have talent.. Be Awesome, Be a Star, Expand the culture.. The craziest thing I ever did was never give up on my dreams.. Speak and think things into existence… Stay close to god and trust in him..


Preview his latest music releases: