National Hispanic Heritage month kicked off on a good note, with Hi-Tone’s “The Voice” blasting through Los Angeles airwaves.

The Mexican-American emcee was dubbed Billboard’s Artist on the Rise, as they premiered visuals for the controversial track. Not only does Hi-Tone scratch on the surface about the diversity of Hip Hop, but he goes in on the current political climate following the termination of the DACA. “Trump built a wall, f*ck it I’m climbing up for ya,” Hi-Tone raps. “The Voice” is the first single off of his forthcoming project Price of Admision (POA), released from his own independent label TFC Music Group/Empire.

Hi-Tone explains the importance of his new single and has a message for all his doubters:

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I couldn’t help but think we all have a voice and we can’t be scared to use it. They can hold us back, box us in, or push us away but they can never take our words from us. I believe every artist is a spokesperson for a group of people and we hold a responsibility to them to represent how they feel. Now you’re either going to love me or hate me, there’s no in between. But stop looking at my skin color and start listening to my words because i am the voice.

Check out the visuals for “The Voice” above.