Nicki Minaj is long overdue for a new album. Meanwhile, she’s been doing features with almost everybody and dropping diss tracks, we’ve been bumping The Pinkprint since 2014. Although it may look like she’s out here just flaunting her good looks, she has been hard at work. “Some days I’ll go into the studio at six in the morning, some days I won’t come out until six in the morning,” Nicki told DAZED.

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Nicki has had a great career as the reigning Queen of Rap, and she claims that it’s only going to get better.

This era will be a billion times more epic than anything ‘Anaconda’ could have delivered. I think this era will definitely be the most memorable and the most impactful of my career yet.

As far as any details of her forthcoming album like the title, features, or a release date she kept it tightly under wraps. But she had us feeling like she was about to channel her old self and deliver us them bars like we know she could.


I’ve made it my business with this album to not even put a date or a deadline on it. I can’t say if I’m fifty-per-cent, eighty-per-cent or ten-per-cent done, because I don’t know. Tomorrow, I might walk into the studio and decide that I don’t like anything I’ve done in the last six months. Or, tomorrow I might walk in and feel like the whole album is done. There’s so much beauty in not knowing. I just want to go in the studio and create like I used to, before there were any expectations. You know? When I was just having fun, working on my mixtapes, going in and creating… writing my little life.