The NFL is heading into it’s third week of the season and one question still remains.Why isn’t Colin Kaepernick on a NFL roster? With league play down throughout the league, now might be the best chance for an NFL team, to come off their high horse and sign the man.

The Real Reason  Kaepernick Isn’t Signed Yet
The NFL is the last of the Mohicans. It’s the last league loaded with old rich white money. Think of it this way, the league has 32 teams. None of the owners are younger than 50. The league’s fan base is over 60% white, while the NFL players are 70% African American. The league doesn’t like to mix politics with it’s sport. There is no money in that for the owners. By Kaepernick’s stance on taking a knee in protest, the owners see it as bringing un warranted drama and attention to the sport.
Teams found themselves looking for reasons to not sign Kaepernick, and every last one of them found some. In a league we’re domestic violence, drIving while drunk and substance abuse , can get you suspended for a few games, I can’t understand what else to call this situation other than blackballing.
What the owners don’t understand is today is a new day. Gone are the days we’re we would just sit back and allow our players and heroes to stand alone. today is the age of social media. With social media comes social activism. Just like Kaepernick taking a knee can go viral, a single tweet or a rally, like the one that took place in front of NFL headquarters last month, can cause an uproar of support for any cause.
Old ways don’t open new doors. The league knows it’s blackballing of Kaepernick will not end well in terms of viewership, attendance and all out support from the African American community if this continues.
Will Kaepernick Get Signed To An NFL Team This Season?
Collin Kaepernick didn’t win a Super Bowl, but he has played in one. With so much awful quarterback play throughout the league and numerous quarterbacks voicing their opinion, it’s not a matter of if Kaepernick will get signed but when?

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