LeBron James called your President Donald Trump a “bum” after he withdrew an invitation to the White House that Stephen Curry already declined.

#LeBronJames calls your President a "bum" after withdrawing an invitation #StephCurry already declined.

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NBA championship teams traditionally pay a visit to the White House following their victory, and the Golden State Warriors have been avoiding this visit after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last championship.


Donnie announced via Twitter that the invitation is now withdrawn because the GSW’s point guard is “hesitating”.

However, Curry doesn’t seem to be too hesitant and has his mind made on not going. According to SF Gate, Curry said he didn’t want to go to the White House because:

By not going, hopefully it will inspire some change for what we tolerate in this country and what we stand for, what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye toward.