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Nick Cannon may be one of the most job-havingest guy in Hip-Hop.

And though he has the mainstream likability to roll into any corporate company, endorsement contract, movie lead or any coveted top spot, he also never shies away from exercising his voice as a Black man and walking away from “cushy situations” that seem to censor his freedom of speech.

So, we are not shocked when he dropped over the weekend 2:23 minute spoken word piece called, “Stand For What”. Already viewed over 3 million times, this poem drops knowledge while flashing the most prolific images of Black people’s fight for emancipation and basic rights. Clearly this piece reminds us why Kaepernick took in knee in the first place.


“You want me to stand for a song that continues to remind me of all the harms that have done me wrong?
Stand for what?!
For your Army that none of our sons truly belong
Stand for what?
The 100 years it took them to convince Congress to become the anthem after 40 failed attempts
Stand for what?
Your forefathers who really just Pimps.”

How does he do it? Whether hosting his own branded comedy tour, hit show on MTV Wild ‘N Out, producing movies, owning his custom-branded tech gadgets or busting it out at Howard University, The Turban-Rocking Prince of Hustle show Hip-Hop that there are other paths.

To catch Wild’ N Out on MTV1, Thursdays at 11pm.

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