Donald Trump’s lack of urgency to help the 3.5 million American citizens on the (American) island of Puerto Rico is staggering.

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Hurricane Maria hit PR more than a week ago and destroyed fields of crops and infrastructure from end to end. The category 4 storm left the people without food, water, or power. It will reportedly take months to restore power on the island, and many people have made their own relief efforts like Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, just to name a few. However, Trump’s main concern that weekend was NFL players exercising their right to Freedom of Speech. While he argues that addressing the NFL protests were important to the country, many of us feel like he needs to be doing more to help, including Rihanna.

RiRi tweeted a picture of the Daily News front cover, which urges the President to help out more because they’re in immediate danger in Puerto Rico. She’s almost certain that he’s aware of what’s going on, but she just wanted to send him a friendly reminder.