Canada’s City Fidelia has teamed up with Ava1anche (of Japan) to create their latest dual EP titled “City of Lost Angels”, which features their latest single “Deep”.

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The two came together in the studio and created for the 4 track project in just 24 hours.



The new single is a bittersweet song about love and life. Torn between whether to stay in a situation or move forward, the record addresses the fears and anxiety that come along with the thought of moving on to something new.


song about life. The internal debate one has when they’ve gotten so far into a situation and afraid to move forward, but feel the need to persevere. Battling the the thought of continuing or not


Considered one part street poet and one part R&B singer, City Fidelia’s artistry is often described as raw and storytelling. His passion to inspire youth across the country lends to lyricism that often paints very real pictures of life lessons that help inspire those to live life on their own terms.

Ensemble, a creative collective of those in music, fashion and art, is another creative element in which City Fidelia spearheads. With a sole mission to bring people together and teach them through art mediums, City’s work ethic has caught the attention of the likes of Malik Yusef and Timbaland.

City and Ava1anche plan to release the full EP soon, but for now, get into the single “Deep” below.