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The docu-series Released will be joining Oprah Winfrey Network’s popular Saturday night line-up.

There are so many shows detailing the harsh realities of life inside of prison, but there is hardly any representation of the difficulties of transitioning into society as an active citizen after an inmate is released.

Released features intimates, diary-like narratives of formerly incarcerated men and a woman from the time they step foot out of those prison doors into the real world. We will witness their journey as they attempt to reconnect with their abandoned lives, their loved ones, and gain independence.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. There are about 2.5 million people in prisons across the country, and Blacks and Latinos make up most of the population. Many of them are serving lengthy sentences for non-violent crimes. After being institutionalized for a certain period of time, many inmates suffer from PTSD and don’t get proper help. The first 90 days after an inmate is released is crucial because they face many challenges and have access to limited resources. Thus, they’re likely to end up back in the slammer within the first 6 months.


Released will spark an important conversation that needs to be had. Oprah Winfrey executive produced the series. It was produced by Lucky 8 TV (60 Days In) with executive producers Greg Henry, Kim Woodard, Jarrett Lambo and Keayr Braxton, alongside author and advocate Shaka Shangor as consulting producer.

Check out the trailer above.