Couple Erin and Leah Jeannette Finan from Muncie, Indiana figured out a way to cheat the system at Amazon and steal 1.2 Million USD from the company. The pair devised hundreds of false online identities and used them to order items such as Samsung smartwatches, GoPro cameras and Xbox One. Subsequent to recieving the goods, they contacted Amazon support to claim the goods were damaged. The online retail giant had no choice but to send replacements free of charge.

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Selling the replacement goods to a thrird party who sold them to a company based in New York, it took a vast amount of effort and inspection to finally bring them down. The US Postal Inspection Service, Indiana State Police and the Internal Revenue Service teamed up to catch the pair.

The couple faces fines of up to 500,000 and prison sentences of up to 20 years. They will be sentenced on November 9.