Stranger Things on iOS and Android

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The drop of Netflix’s completely infatuating Stranger Things next season is quickly approaching and to coincide with the impending release of the show, the streaming site has teamed up with developer Bonusxp on a game. A retro inspired romp through Hawkins, Indiana, the app for IOS and android is an action adventure title. With a pixelated art style, the game is HD but designed to look decidedly vintage. 

You assume the role of Chief Jim Hopper who is required to investigate reports of four missing children. Riding around on a bike, the Chief and four playable kids solve puzzles and collect Eggo waffles. The ability to compete with your friends high scores on speed run times adds a social element to the game. Available now for all mobile platforms, download the app and watch Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix October 27. 


Check out the video game’s trailer below for a look at what the app has to offer.