If one knows their Hip Hop “industry” history, then it’s an established fact that there isn’t much that Master P hasn’t done on the business side of the game.

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That same entrepreneurial spirit is self evident in his teaming up with Wooter Apparel, an online sports clothing line and its one-of-a-kind “Medusa” brand, which P himself has stamped as “the next biggest street brand.” In addition to the clothing, the New Orleans rap mogul also linked with Wooter to form the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League, a co-ed league that will be outfitted entirely by Wooter/Medusa.



As it is shown in the images, Wooter took the “Medusa” symbol of luxury and opulence and flipped its appearance into a more street-wise, athletic look. “I hope people are ready for what’s coming next with Wooter Apparel,” says Alex Alexandrovski, CEO of Wooter Apparel. And there’s not much left to the imagination for the future, with Wooter already launching “Wave Two” of the Medusa brand.