By Ime Ekpo

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No wonder Barack and Michelle have been spotted prancing around New York City lately. The Obamas might be moving in.

According to Page Six, Barack and Michelle have viewed a five bedroom, four bathroom lair on the Upper East Side of Manhattan stationed between East End Avenue and East River Drive, 10 Gracie Square. The pre-war building is said to be historic with its 87-year reign, 15 floors, and 43 apartments, going for a steady $10 million. And of course, the Obamas have it.


But, if the Obamas are considering New York City as their new stomping ground, it just seems right that they bring their greatness to the severely gentrified, Harlem.

Known throughout the world as one of the meccas for the Black way of life, ever since the early 1990s, non-blacks in the likes of White people have been gradually settling in Harlem.

Viewed as concrete trendsetters in the Black community, the Obamas have a great chance at saving the essence of Harlem by simply moving there. There is no doubt that such an action will motivate fellow Black multi-millionaires to consider purchasing a property or two in Harlem. This may trigger a domino effect. The effort of Blacks taking over real estate and putting into developing affordable housing for the working class may come into play.

Not only will the Obama’s move to Harlem motive their a likes to do the same, but it will add grandeur prestige to the index of eminent African American Harlem residences joining the likes of Malcolm X, Nina Simone, and James Baldwin, creating more history.