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Words by Corey Copeland

Google is keeping up with competition, rolling out new products at their showcase in San Francisco. The Google Clips is a hands-free camera that is capable of capturing photos and video of those “you had to be there” moments.

Users only need to set the camera up on something stationary and it will be able to capture footage of everything within range. The camera is also equipped with smart technology that gives the camera the ability to decide when to snap a photo or record a video. Google assures customers they will have complete control over which photos and videos are shared with others. Customers also have the option to transfer camera files to other devices.

The Google Clips will retail for less than $250 and will hit shelves in December. Google will be introducing headphones for their new Pixel smart phones. Like its iPhone competitor, the new Pixel phone does not have a headphone jack. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL promises a camera that will take better photos than the iPhone. The Pixel will retail for less than $650 while the larger XL model will retail for less than $850, Both models are cheaper than their iPhone counterparts.


The Pixel Buds are wireless but will still come with a short chord. The chord gives users the option to drape the headphones around the neck. The Pixel phone is equipped with translation software. When used with Pixel Buds, users can converse in different languages with ease. If you have a Pixel phone from last year you can still gain access to the translation feature with a simple update. The Pixel Buds will retail for less than $160. Orders will ship next month.

Will any of these Google products be on your Christmas list?