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Words by Jason Cordner

On Monday, Washington Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, Jr. was caught yelling at fans during his team’s heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. This isn’t the first time an NFL player has been caught on film cursing and carrying on. Indeed, we’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. However, it wasn’t just your regular exchange between excited, inebriated or otherwise impaired fans who are high on victory. According to Pryor, there was a lot more than meets the eye.


Pryor, who has stood during the anthem, said that after hearing someone call him the N-word and then having fans shout obscenities, “me flicking the person off is more deserving.” Terrelle Pryor took to Twitter to explain his side even further.

Pryor said he was called the N-word during the game, to the point where an NFL employee came to his side during the second quarter and stayed with him through the rest of the game.

The reason that Colin Kaepernick took a knee in the first place was bring to light to how personal prejudices have literally become a part of the criminal justice system, resulting in a disproportionate amount of African American and Latino prisoners who are incarcerated, as well as the greater chance of police-involved shootings victimizing black males.

Pryor, 28, was a quarterback at Ohio State and initially in the NFL with the Raiders, then converted to wide receiver with the Browns. He was briefly a member of the Chiefs, but he did not get in a game.

In May, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was racially taunted by some fans in Boston. He received an extended ovation from Red Sox fans the next night. The NFL insists it is taking Pryor’s accusation very seriously — and that is refreshing, and unsurprising.