Words by Jason Cordner

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Fellas, if you didn’t know, women love beards. Growing and maintaining a beard could be challenging for some brothers. That’s exactly why Mike McMillan created a Facebook group called Beard Game Matters. He wanted to have a spot where men could collaborate with other men with beards and learn about his beard care products.

What was intended to be a networking group, quickly became a place for women to show some love to the bearded fellas. The group has a little over 800,000 members, in only a week,“Beard Game Matters” is so popular that its founder, McMillan, announced BeardGameSingles.com, a dating site for men with beards and the women who love them.


For only one dollar, ladies can access the group and look for dating prospects. “You can find official Beard Game Events, Meet and Greets, Promotions as well as a place for men to find that special lady” founder McMillan wrote on the Facebook group page on Sunday night (Oct. 1).

Marketing Genius

As of today the Facebook group owner has 850k members in that group. Let’s say he gets 10% of people to sign up for this dating website, that’s 85,000 people with no marketing dollars spent. Let’s say each person paid $1 a month for the dating website., that’s a gross income of 85k a month to group owner.

Let’s say he decides to sell a beard product to the group. The product is $5 for 1, 4-ounce beard balm, and only about 10% of people bought. He would be making 425k gross with no marketing dollars spent.

All I can do is clap for the brother because he has brains and hustles.