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Words by Qadriyyah Brown

The other day I overheard of group of women asking, “Whatever happened to Iggy?” as in Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper behind 2014’s summer hit anthem “Fancy.” Well, apparently she had good reason to be hiding. Allegedly, Iggy is over $250k on her credit limit with AMEX or American Express…and they want all of their money back plus legal fees! According to TMZ, her statement is for $300,000 which means her limit was only for $50k, which seems to be more in accord to the standard of a regular working Jane and not a ballin’ rapper in the game.

Will Iggy run to the bank to pay this OVERDUE fancy balance? Did she not receive a notice from AMEX when she was at the preset limit? Is this a legit lawsuit if they waited for it to grow to that amount? If an average person tried to do this with their card and go beyond the preset limit, it would’ve for sure said declined.

No word from reps as of yet.