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Martell held their first event recently in Los Angeles, celebrating the brand’s newest product, Martell Blue Swift – along with the launch of their H.O.M.E. platform, which encourages home entertainment, with event host, grammy-nominated artist Jhené Aiko. After presenting her own distinctive vision of Martell’s art of hosting, TheSource was able to catch Aiko for an exclusive interview recapping her experience.

Q: Could you briefly tell fans about your amazing new album; moreover, favorite tracks & collaborations?
A: “I love all of the tracks, I feel like all of the collaborations were organic and just came together. I feel more aware and in tune with myself. It’s like the first time I’m really sharing more of me. I loved working with my daughter the most cus’ she’s my daughter (laughs)”
Q: Along side of new music, what brought this new partnership with Martell? 
A: “The partnership came to me and they discussed the Home aspect of it and bringing this event to everyone’s hometown. I’m from LA – born and raised, everyone comes here but they don’t the real LA. Martell was open to having me share the experience. It’s not all about the extra, it’s about being down to earth”
Q: What were some of your favorite highlights from the recent mansion party you hosted for Martell?
A: “The highlight was being in the space that we were in. When people think of LA they think of Hollywood, and in the mansion you could see all of LA. I’m just super proud of where I’m from.”
Q: What can fans expect next with this new album + Martell partnership?
A: “Next I’m definitely down to working with the company again. I had the pleasure of meeting everyone apart and I hope to do something next with my poetry book and new music. I can’t say much but looking forward to doing more with Martell.”