Suge Knight claims that Dr. Dre was plotting on him.

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The Death Row Records CEO says Dre paid a man named Dwayne Johnson $20,000 in blood money around July 2016 to kill him. He is also claiming the payment was made the same day he fatally ran over a man. But Dre is calling these allegations absurd according to TMZ.

Suge wrote a statement saying that he had a sit down with a private investigator and Johnson, where Johnson admitted that the $20K was a partial payment for the job. This isn’ the first time Suge accused Dre of setting a hit out on him.


In April 2016, a man known as Tee-Money confessed to being one of the gunmen paid $50,000 to off Suge in the 2014 nightclub shooting. However, Dre’s attorney said these allegations were also “ridiculous”.

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