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This past Saturday, October 7th a large explosion erupted at a Liquefied Natural Gas Station in Ghana’s national capital, Accra in the Atomic Junction area.

 The explosion was in the form of a fireball, which blasted into the sky and caused residents of the Atomic Junction roundabout to immediately depart the region. Residents who lived around the Madina and Haatso area of Accra were also asked to evacuate. Facilities such as Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Legon, University of Professional Studies, and the University of Ghana-where students were able to feel the heat from the explosion, also evacuated from the area.


It has been reported the gas station’s explosion was followed by a nearby Total Filling Station catching fire.

Videos of the explosion went viral on social media, showcasing the lightened sky the explosion caused, leaving many disheartened. George Agbey, a gentleman who witnessed the explosion told the Associated Press, “There was some panic, and we all just moved away from the scene. It was like refugees moving away from a war-torn zone.”

Despite the hope Ghanaians had for the explosion causing no casualties, the explosion caused 7 deaths and 132 injured as reported by the New York Times. Most who have been injured are suffering from burns.

 Deputies from the Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Police Service, and National Disaster Management Organization conducted great efforts to control the vicious fire. Heavy rain came pouring post the explosion.

 At this time, the cause of the explosion is still unknown and is under investigation.

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