Who doesn’t remember Lil’ Kim rocking this classic fashion boast in “DKNY… Oh, my I’m jiggy” in her 1995 classic, “Get Money” with the late Notorious B.I.G.?

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Oh course you do! It set Ms. Donna Karan up as a staple in the around-the-way girl’s wardrobe. If Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren represented a certain level of mainstream fashion crossover for fellas, Karan’s brand definitely held it down for the ladies.


Sisters in Hip-Hop got use to Karan holding it down for the ladies.

So, imagine how many bags, shirts, skirts and accessories found themselves dumped after hearing reports that Karan not only supports Harvey Weinstein in his current sexual harassment scandal, but apparently blames the victims.

While attending the CineFashion Film Awards in Los Angeles, Karan was asked by a red carpet reporter what she thought about the scandal:

Karan replied with the following statement:

“I think we have to look at ourselves. Obviously, the treatment of women all over the world is something that has always had to be identified. Certainly in the country of Haiti where I work, in Africa, in the developing world, it’s been a hard time for women. To see it here in our own country is very difficult, but I also think how do we display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality? I don’t think we’re only looking at him,” she said. “I think we’re looking at a world much deeper than that. I know his wife, I think they’re wonderful people, Harvey has done some amazing things.”

She later apologized for lack of clarity in her comments in a statement released by her publicist.  Karan believes her remarks were taken out of context and that “sexual harassment is NOT acceptable and this is an issue that MUST be addressed once and for all regardless of the individual.” She most certainly did not mean to imply that women ask to be harassed.

Nice wiggle… but we are watching you Ms. Karan.