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Beautiful, Breezy, CoverGirl….no more. The famed cosmetics line has changed their popular slogan to the following:

The brand says: “It aims to inspire people to embrace their unique identities and unapologetically create any version of themselves through makeup.” CoverGirl Senior Vice President Ukonwa Ojo adds, “COVERGIRL has always been inclusive and is known for pushing the boundaries of what it means to be beautiful, which means we have a responsibility to elevate how we connect and communicate with people. This is bigger than a new campaign or a tagline. We hope to spark a provocative dialogue that shifts cultural assumptions about when, where, how and why people wear makeup.”


Within the past month, the beauty powerhouse has coined a few fresh faces as the highly coveted “CoverGirl.” Among those added to the clique are actress Issa Rae, singer Katy Perry, budding chef/author/TV personality Ayesha Curry, model Maye Musk, fitness trainer Massy Arias and professional motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda. Be sure to check out for the new beauties in the recently released video clip entitled “Made in the Mirror.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for an overhaul changing in the packaging, logo, and product design(s) as well. Why all of the changes? CoverGirl is reportedly attempting to change the way people view makeup as a whole. The goal is to spark a conversation in the beauty arena, and to pay more attention to how the average woman doesn’t look at makeup as just beauty trends but more so as a tool of expression.