Words by Jasmine Johnson

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Aminé has released his visual to “Spice Girl,” a fan favorite. It features toe rings, Issa Rae and Scary Spice, Mel B. Aminé can put his persona and his artistry into his music and videos.

The video opens up with showing him naked wearing overalls with another Aminé laying on his lap. It also takes to several scenes in where he is getting chased by cops riding on a banana bike, bathroom scenes where his friend help him pumping and putting on enormous amounts of soap where he shows his toe ring, covered in post-it notes promoting his album, Good For You, and cameos of him, in prison where he is visited by none other than Awkward Black Girl, Insecure creator and star Issa Rae. The video fitted perfectly with the track.


With his debut album released in late July, he put his native city of Oregon on the Hip-Hop map for his artistry. His music style, the color yellow and his persona lends him to being a different artist from the norm. His single, “Caroline,” is a catchy tune from start to finish. The way he flows with his lyrics, he marks it as one of his top hit songs in the bag. The rookie should be honored by crafting an entertaining and revealing album. He has been on tour in support of his album; and by the videos he post on his Instagram account, that the fans are showing love and rapping word for word to his music. This is one of his first headline tour for the young cat and many more to come. Tickets are still available for selected cities and the tour will conclude in Los Angeles on November 16.

Check out the visual of “Spice Girl” by hitting the play button above.